From the wild: a collection of original poems by Mary Ann Archibald

From the Wild

a collection of original poems
ISBN – 9781894589031

By Mary Ann Archibald

Discover a world where commonplace observation and insight collide.

From The Wild is a pithy collection of original poetry.

From a hot bubbling pot of fudge to a night sky filled with fireflies, this work holds a prism up to the value of our daily lives.

Courage and vivid imagery guide the journey as the author gently pokes fun at lighter moments yet tackles serious issues facing many today in a broader context.

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  • ISBN – 9781894589031



"A gorgeous collection of thought and memory provoking pieces."

"Some of the best poetry I have read. It seems, in my mind, that these poems collect the pieces of emotions she felt about the subject enabling the reader to instantly smell, feel, and almost touch her thoughts."

"They're very down to earth and based on the poet's more 'every day experiences'. You get a sense of the type of person she is by reading them ... There's a good evocation from the use of imagery and sentiment. They're worth adding to your kindle."

"A quick and enjoyable read!"

"Far under-priced, these poems are evocative of warm personal moments and elements of life worth the silence and attention to appreciate. Appreciation is the feeling one is left with after a visit to this world of Mary Ann's. And, for those without one; of home."

"An enjoyable, pithy read.

"Your words awaken the senses and made this reader feel very alive. It was almost as though I was in the moment with you."

"Some of those images really stick with you."

"I was touched by your poem Fudge. It evoked memories and smells of my mom who passed away last year. I usually don't "get" poetry but the last two lines are most moving."