Cobalt Jar (Vic’s Vapo Rub)

Cobalt Jar (Vic’s Vapo Rub) Oil on board 4 x 6-inches Unframed Original painting © 2014 Click here to check the store to see if this original oil painting is still available Remember your mom rubbing Vic’s Vapo Rub on your feet and on your chest when you were a kid, in an attempt to […]

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Expo '67 Centennial Doll

Expo ’67 Centennial Doll

Expo ’67 Doll 8 x 10-inches Oil on canvas board Unframed Original painting My grandparents brought this doll back from Montreal in 1967, they bought it for me at the Expo. A bit of Canadiana I’ve had with me throughout the years. Readying this doll for its portrait as a still life brought back many […]

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